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Cover: Adam Wonders, a fun book to read.

Moving verse from the heart and mind of Adam Elliott Davis.

“Once in a great while—perhaps once in a lifetime—you meet a true Renaissance man.” Thus reads the editor’s inscription on the back cover of Adam Wonders, an unauthorized collection from the heart and mind of Adam Elliott Davis ($7.99, 112 pages). Musings on life, love, and loss that will move you in ways you never imagined. Click the image to purchase your copy.
Nick Prince wants nothing more than to go drown his sorrows at the Safari Club and pine for Beth, his lost college love. But before he can do that, his job with the U.S. Census Bureau requires him to face down reluctant respondents in the remote forests of Oregon, who repel him with everything from pit bulls to shotguns. Click the image to purchase your copy![media url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbFq9skay5g&feature=youtu.be” width=450 height=300]
Air Force One is down. The President is dead. The VP’s motorcade speeds him to the White House, but a rogue delivery truck slams his limo, leaving him in a coma. The CIA pursues the only lead they have: an enigmatic Kuwaiti in Vienna. And they know the perfect way to get to him: Elder Kevin “Red” Davis, a Mormon missionary who has already made contact…
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